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Always Hear Your Doorbell When It Rings And/Or See it!

With this portable doorbell you have the option to place your receiver(ringer) where it is most convenient for you and adjust 5 levels of volume control making sure you hear your doorbell has never been easier with its loud and clear sound and LED Light if you need to mute your doorbell for quiet time. If you have children in the house taking a nap, you’ll love the convenience of having the option of turning the chime down or completely off. It’s your choice!


The Vibez Wireless Doorbell has a stylish, modern design great for any decor. Stand out from the crowd and have a doorbell chime that represents you. We can’t always choose everything we get in life but luckily now we can choose the sound of our own doorbells, here is a product towards that progression in life! Your friends will be asking why they don’t own one of these! Feel awesome knowing your doorbell is meant for you!


Live in a place where it’s hard to hear your doorbell ring? How many times have you missed your doorbell ringing? Well bring your count back down to 0 with the Vibez Wireless Doorbells loud sound and easy volume control allowing you to adjust the volume to your liking so you can hear the doorbell where it’s just right for you, it also has an LED light for people who have a hard time hearing, you will know someone’s at your door!


Are you tired of the same doorbell sound? Well don’t worry we have over 50 chimes for you to choose from! Never get bored with the VWD, express yourself through your chosen chimes. You can have a different doorbell chime for each month or even for each week of the year. This wireless doorbell has loud and clear sound quality. The range let’s you plug in the receiver up to 1000 ft. away from the doorbell and we give you 2 receivers just in case you need the other!


The VWD comes with 1 push button and 2 receivers and each receiver can control a different chime. At Great Vibez we try our best to give customers great products at a great value, you deserve to have more customization in your life and the vibez doorbell is a reminder of that every time the doorbell rings! If you are not happy for whatever reason, just ask for your money back within 45 days and we offer LIFETIME product insurance, add one to your cart now!


With our simple instructions, you can have your new waterproof portable doorbell set up in just minutes with no drilling involved! Installing a new doorbell shouldn’t be difficult so we made sure the job would be an easy one for you by mounting with screws or simply sticking it on with the included adhesive tape & plugging the receiver into an outlet. But if you ever do have any trouble whatsoever, we have a great customer service team to assist you with any issue.

No Drilling, No Hassle!

This plugin doorbell utilizes an outlet for the receiver and adhesive tape for the doorbell which is included in the package(although if preferred you can use the anchor and screw it in, as we also provide you with screws and the anchor). The doorbell uses an alkaline battery which lasts up to 7 months before replacement. The push button is also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about those rainy days.

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